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Once upon a time i felt in love with a girl. She was crazy as she could be, I mean crazy beautiful, smart but with one bug. She never felt in love with me... Yes her name was Kate and from here comes the name Kejtcollections.
So this is how I started to drink a coffee. Thinking over cup of black one without sugar and milk. Just enjoying the strong taste of my day. I started with this e-shop, when I found out that she loved a coffee too and was able to prepare some maybe interesting designs to talk to her for a few moments.
Well my coffee was maybe not strong enough to help me to create a connection with this person, but I hope you will find your self interesting in my designs and spread a word about love to a pure taste of life.
Well there are some lyrics  I know & would like to show them here, just in case she is reading this:
"Baby where are you going now?
Do you ever really know?
Oh you hate to be tied down
But you hate to sleep alone
I bet you still think about me
Like I think about you
Even when I don't want to
There's just something about you baby
There's nothing that I can do
I think about you, you were always wild and free
I know we couldn't hold on forever, but baby
I bet you still think about me."
I know I can`t do anything right now, but
I am still here
...running this page.
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